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Renard Wolfe
May 04, 2021
In Predictions & Speculation
Amalia said she got left "when" women could be silenced for not reason not left "where". She also said we didnt have funerals when i'm from, there's not enough time and there's not enough space. The ship was full of people. Whether thats how people from the future time travel (mentally) or humans have just advanced so much that that's how they live. The ship... crashed? Droped off its passengers? And the consciousnesses drifted down. "Sarah" tried to kill herself just as the fish ship landed. She succeeded. The consciousness that landed on her instead of just giving her a turn, the Amalia conciousness entirely took over because Sarah was dead. Sarah wanted to kill herself, but Amalia looks at her situation and fights like hell to get to the surface and spit out a lung full of water. She has martial arts and speaks..chinese? from time in the military (or maybe her consciousness is Asian?) Lets see how far I can grow this eplileptic forest... The light bubbles are conciousnesses. Or systems from the ship? They affect more women than men because they go to whoever they have the most kinship with. A singer went for mary, a bird watcher went for Tom Riley, ..the ships clock went for the girl who can tell time? Sarah/Amalia gets thrown in the assylum for trying to kill herself and or talking about being from the future, womens rights or voting or trousers or some other insanity. She made Malady somehow... by getting her in trouble as a means of Escape? Malady winds up getting electroshock and goes from crazy to homicidal. Lord Broughton's daughter dies, that consciousness takes over. Lord Broughton puts his "diseased" daughter away in a cell in the basement, puts up a fake grave, and fights to eradicate this disease that "killed" his daughter. Little Lady Broughton sends Mary the song saying she's ok and asking for help

Renard Wolfe

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