UPDATE: The Nevers To Resume Production

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

We've learned that production on The Nevers is set to resume in September, six months after it came to a screeching halt thanks to our ol' pal COVID-19.

It was only a few weeks ago that we'd caught wind that pre-production on the remaining episodes had begun.

According to Denis O'Hare and James Norton (the former having appeared on our podcast to discuss The Nevers, American Horror Story and more), Joss & Co. were half way through filming season one when the pandemic put the kibosh on getting it completed on time.

While filming on The Nevers is set to get underway in just under two months time, other productions have already resumed filming. The long-running series Coronation Street and Emmerdale (random examples, I know) have already resumed filming in the UK, while Netflix is getting ready to resume shooting The Witcher on August 17th. Production on the Avatar sequels continued last month in New Zealand while Jurassic World: Dominion, a UK based production, resumed on July 6th.

In other news, The Nevers co-star Amy Manson recently shared her experience of being on set and meeting Joss for the first time:

"It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done. It’s mind-blowing and was an amazing moment to get the part."

She continued: "When I had the audition, I rehearsed the piece for weeks and put a picture of Joss' face up so I could talk to it every day and I wouldn’t be nervous for the audition. When I went in to meet him, it was just like seeing a mate. Joss is the nicest human being, a total genius. I’ve never been on such a happy set in my life. My Mondays are like my Fridays and that’s a great way to live."

Manson's sentiments echo that of co-star James Norton who recently shared his experience of working with Joss in an interview on John Rocha's The Deep Cut which you can watch above.

So, there's your update for the month, Neverites. Joss has a panel at Comic-Con@Home that I'll be attending this Friday. Here's hoping that we'll be treated to a nugget, a tidbit, a soupçon of Nevers related goodness. Maybe a still frame or piece of artwork. Or dare I dream, a teaser trailer? In any case, The Nevers Podcast team will be in attendance, ready to dissect Joss' panel in detail for an upcoming episode.

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Cheerio, until next time.

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