Update On Filming For THE NEVERS.

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

It's been two months since Joss wrapped filming on the first episode of The Nevers. So it seemed like an appropriate time to start asking the obvious question: when will the second block of filming commence.

The answer may have arrived in the form of a social media post. Nicolas Perbal, aka Odium actor Martyn Ford (who's becoming a favourite of ours,) recently shared a little update on the filming of The Nevers.

The update arrived last month when Ford shared that filming, for his character at least, would continue in January.

"As you can see, the bulk is well and truly underway, I have until January to get ready for @hbothenevers TV show, and trust me, I'll be bringing my ass in BIG for the role of Odium, a truly terrifying character with a magic twist, blessed to live the life I am."

The actor shared another post this week saying:

"I intend to push (my diet) up to 6,000 calories in a few weeks. When the director (Joss) asks you to be BIG, BIG is what he will get. hahaha @josswhedonoficial @hbothenevers watch this space!!! 350 lbs monster COMING SOON"

Ford will play Nicolas Perbal, aka Odium – "The quintessential henchman. He looks as unpleasant as he smells – a side-effect of his rather surprising “turn”. Will do any kind of work for anybody’s money." That's certainly intriguing!

Amy Manson, who's also a favourite of ours, also shared a photo of herself this week with a script for The Nevers with the caption reading: @hbothenevers can't contain myself. This comes weeks after the actress shared a photo of herself recording adr for episode one of The Nevers.

The excitement for this series is palpable - and not just amongst us fans, but with the actors and crew working behind the scenes! This is truly going to be something special.

According to Production Weekly, principal photography was initially planned to begin in June 2019 and wrap in February 2020. But it was pushed back to May before finally commencing in July. The HBO sci-fi epic is now expected to finish filming in July 2020.

In somewhat related news, an exhausted Laura Donnelly was photographed during a break from an extensive training session in preparation for her role in The Nevers. The photo was shared by co-star Ann Skelly.

Keep your distance, don't talk to me and we'll be just fine.

"I think it’s a semi appropriate time to drop this picture of @donnellylaura1 to truly display the sheer amount of business you mean. BIG business SMALL person LOTS of protein meals," wrote Skelly.

Between Rochelle Neil learning fire-breathing, Ford putting on even more muscle mass for his character and Donnelly going hard in training sessions, it's safe to say that Joss & crew are going all out for The Nevers and this gets me very excited!

Stay tuned for our article on when exactly we expect The Nevers to premiere in 2021 and be sure to download the latest episode of The Nevers Podcast to hear our crew discuss filming for the series in more detail.

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