"The X-men meets Sherlock Holmes": Denis O'Hare on The Nevers.

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It's not the length of the video. It's what you do with it that counts.

Here we have 19 seconds of pure nerd joy as Denis O'hare, who we will all soon know and love or maybe loath (if past Whedonverse characters are anything to go by, maybe a little of both?) as Doctor Edmond Hague gives us a few hints as to what to expect from his character and the show as a whole.

Now, admittedly there isn't much to go on. But, like the small grains of gold in a prospectors pan, what's there is quite important.

First Noteworthy Thing:

So, we knew there would be mention of Victorian era, that's been known since day one. A gang of women with powers. Duh, it's a Whedon show. But he also dropped that most current of references: The X-men!

For me, this reinforces what we've seen hints of in promo material up to this point:

Whilst on the surface, this will be a show about ladies with strange powers, dig a little deeper and the themes are clear. In much the same way that the original X-men were meant to be an analogy for the Civil Rights movement, in recent years the X-men have been used to tell stories strongly influenced by the struggles of the LGBT community. I have a feeling that The Nevers will be Joss' nod to the MeToo movement, with messages of unity, and the power of acceptance being strong themes throughout the run of the series.

Given some of the controversy surrounding Joss and his work of late, this could either be a huge plus for him, or the biggest flaw in his grand ambitions.

Second Noteworthy Thing:


Unless I've missed something, and I don't think I have, this is the first mention of everyone's favourite deductionist detective in official Nevers press. I'm glad that name is being thrown around, though. In a world that seems SO steeped in mystery, it's good to know that they will be throwing a LITTLE detective work in amongst all the powers, fighting and witty one-liners. Joss is one of the best show runners out there, but we've never really seen him do long form mystery/detective work. It'll be interesting to see his take on this most overworked of characters.

Last and by far the most Noteworthy Thing:


Denis mentions that in episode one, his character sings. After the glory of Doctor Horrible and Once More With Feeling, I'm 1000% in whenever Whedon does songs. Okay, I think that's just about all the blood I can squeeze from this particular stone. Thanks for reading along, and I'll see you again real soon!

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