The Nevers | Update on Premiere Date & Release Schedule.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Thanks to our pal Denis O'Hare, we now have the premiere date for The Nevers narrowed down to the first half of 2021.

Speaking on the pink carpet at this year's Cannes International Series Festival, O'Hare revealed that The Nevers will likely premiere in Spring 2021, confirming what many of us suspected. When it comes to high-profile series (Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Sopranos), HBO tends to premiere them in the first or second quarter.

Denis also shared that the first season will be split into two parts, with each part possibly consisting of six episodes. This lines up with what his Nevers co-star Nick Frost said in a recent interview, pointing out that the season may be split due to the pandemic interfering with productions across the board. As a result, networks are scrambling to fill the gaps in their programming schedule and spreading out their content.

O'Hare also implied that the series will have a focus on Irish culture, which one could glean from the character bios.

You can view the full interview (en Français) below. Also give a listen to our hour long interview with Denis over on The Nevers Podcast. He spoke in depth about his character on The Nevers, working with Joss Whedon, the grand scope of the series and more!

Don't speak French? Just turn on closed captions, click on settings, subtitles, auto-translate and then choose your language of choice.

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