The Nevers Resumes Production

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

As of September 7th, production on The Nevers has resumed with some of the cast filming while others are held up in their hotel rooms waiting out their mandatory two weeks of quarantine before being allowed to step foot on set.

We've been keeping our ears to the ground so we'd know as soon as production would continue on HBO's next tent pole series. And as mentioned in my last post, we learned in July that production would resume in September after pausing for six months due to the COVID pandemic.

As if to prove us right, actors on the series have been taking to social media to share their excitement for returning to work.

Martyn Ford who plays Nicolas Perbal (or Odium to those not on a first name basis with the man) shared that work on the series would soon resume.

"So work starts up again on this incredible show for @hbo called The Nevers"

Other actors have hinted at getting back to work on the series as well. A week after Ford's post, friend to The Nevers Podcast, Denis O'Hare posted a video of himself returning to London (where The Nevers is filming) from his Parisian home for a two week stint in quarantine. Actors and crew members returning to work during the pandemic need to be quarantined for two weeks before being allowed on set to ensure that they do not carry the COVID-19 virus.

Actor Tom Riley who portrays Augustus “Augie” Bidlow, Lavinia Bidlow's (Olivia Williams) younger brother in the series, also posted a picture of himself bidding a fond farewell to his full head of hair.

"Today’s the day the lock down hair’s gotta come off. Adios, shags. You were fun and flirty/you were nineties boy band/you got caught in ceiling fans."

Though he doesn't specifically reference The Nevers, it's safe to presume that the haircut was in preparation of returning to work.

Amy Manson, who's playing gang leader Maladie (one of the characters that I'm most excited for,) shared that they'd wrapped on the first day of filming.

Meanwhile in the realm on Podcasts, series lead Laura Donnelly was featured in an episode of A Performer, A Pint and A Pod with Graeme Rooney. The Nevers star said that they were half way through filming season one before the break in filming occurred. According to Donnelly, the actors have all been chomping at the bit and excited to get back on set. She also disclosed that series creator Joss Whedon saw Donnelly in The Ferryman in the Royal Court in its first iteration in 2017 and kept her in mind for the lead role in his new series. It wouldn't be until almost two years later that Donnelly would finally meet Joss for the role of Amalia True.

Donnelly also shared that what she found appealing about The Nevers was that it's a Joss Whedon creation being produced by a network that she's always held in high regard.

In a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph, actor James Norton described his character Hugo Swan as a "crazy, pan-sexual posh boy who runs Satanic orgy clubs". Satanic....orgy clubs? This is definitely an HBO production - and I'm all in!

As someone who's been following the production of this series since it was first announced in 2018, I'm glad that Joss & Co. have been given the green light to continue filming the series' first season. Everyone involved in this production understands how fortunate they are to have a job to return to after lockdown as it could have easily been shelved. However, because of HBO's faith in Joss' series and the fact that they were at the halfway mark when production was halted, they're able to continue telling their story.

So what's next?

Now they just need to bang out the last five episodes and get them into post-production. Then Joss & Co. can take a breather before getting to work on writing the scripts for season two (which they may have already started) and getting the ball rolling on promoting season one.

What we still don't know:

  • Who's scoring The Nevers

  • When in 2021 will it premiere?

Listening to the cast and crew of The Nevers in various interviews and reading their social media posts, one gets the impression of a strong sense of family on set and a work environment that's quite positive, diverse and supportive. Those who have spoken about their time on the series thus far have all said the same thing: they feel very comfortable on set. That's good to know. ( :

In closing, thank you to those of you who share bits of information about the series; if you hadn't, we'd be in the dark! So, please keep them coming! #JossWhedon #HBO #TheNevers #TheyreComing

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