The Nevers is complicated, fresh and jumps time zones!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Truth Seekers is a new supernatural comedy series starring and co-produced by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. The series follows a team of part-time paranormal investigators who team up to uncover and film ghost sightings across the UK.

Frost has been making the promotional rounds and Collider caught up with him to discuss his new Amazon Prime series as well as The Nevers.

“I just finished my stuff [for The Nevers] like a month ago. We started shooting in October 2019 (correction: it was July), and then I did like a week on it. And then that was kind of my stuff done. And then in January, we started to get a sniff of lockdown, and then they just shut down. So I didn’t do anything for a year. And so I picked up my scenes like a month ago and finished the season. It looks fucking crazy, it looks amazing. I think the script is fantastic. My character’s like a serial lunatic."

In March, we reported that The Nevers was one in a long list of productions that had to shut down due to the first lockdown put in place by the UK Government. In July, we shared that filming would resume in September.

So what sets The Nevers apart from other Whedon shows? Well, “Apart from the fact there’s a supernatural element, it just feels totally different. It jumps time zones. I mean, even me with a broad kind of lexicon of knowledge of the supernatural and the genre, I was reading the scripts thinking, ‘Fucking hell, this is gonna be incredible,'” Frost said.

Time jumping. He really said time jumping! I'm assuming he means traveling backwards or forwards through time as opposed to phasing from one location to the next. At least, that's my hope. In April, I wrote a blog titled THE NEVERS | Six Things I'd Like To See In Joss Whedon's Upcoming HBO Series. In it, I listed my hopes for The Nevers and one of those was the utilization of time travel - and according to Frost, that's precisely what we're going to get! Huzza! You know folks, I've often contemplated whether or not The Nevers had the potential to become my new favourite creation from Joss, and with this new piece of information, I'd have to say that it just may ladies and gentlemen. It just may.

I digress.

Networks and streaming services are scrambling for new content as lockdowns have affected the production of many, if not all, of their shows. It's unclear if HBO will air the episodes in one go or have a break after the first half has aired: “I don’t know how HBO are gonna drop it," Frost said. "I think COVID might have split a big season of 10 into two of five, but that literally changes all the time, so I don’t know.”

Speaking of his experience working with Joss, Frost says: "Joss is amazing — like as a person. He directed all my episodes, and I think he directed them all. He’s really giving and generous of spirit and of time. But when he’s on set, he’s so driven and focused and mumbly. And a lot of the time it’s like, ‘Oh my god, I’m not sure what you want!’ Especially when you’ve got a face mask on as well. It’s a kind of amazing way to work. But I love it. I love the character, and I think people are just gonna fucking love it. It’s complicated and it’s fresh.”

Fellow Nevers co-star James Norton also chatted with Collider while promoting his film Mr. Jones and he briefly discussed his time working on The Nevers. At the time of the interview, he said that they were at the half way mark in shooting: "I think we’ve shot about five episodes. We’re basically almost exactly half-way through. We’ve got about five more to shoot. We’re filming in London, and Joss is here. The first half of the shoot went really well. We’re really excited about it, and I think HBO is excited about it. Unfortunately, we were just one of the many productions who were cut short, but there is every intention to complete it. We haven’t had any clear dates yet [on when filming can resume], but there are lots of conversations going around, in the UK in general, about what measures we can put in place to protect everyone."

Like so many of his cast members, Norton speaks highly of his working relationship with Joss: "I talked about being blessed with someone like Gareth Jones, but Joss Whedon is a whole other type of blessing, but one which I’m very grateful to be able to experience. His mind is something extraordinary, and I’m in awe of it, with his creativity, energy, inquisitiveness and humility, all mixed in one. The man wields immense power, intellectually and as a director, and yet he’s the most humble, soft-spoken and self-deprecating person on the set. I have a lot of love for Joss." Norton's and Frost's feelings about Joss parallel those of co-stars Denis O'Hare and Amy Manson who've praised the Buffy creator in other interviews.

When asked what it was about the character of Hugo Swann that appealed to him, Norton said: "If you’ve read the character description, that says it for me, really. It’s the world, it’s Joss, and it’s character. The interesting thing is that I’m still yet to fully learn who Hugo Swann is ‘cause we’re only half-way through. Part of the processes is the actual making and telling of the story, and so much of his journey is still to come. I’ll be better positioned to answer that question in a few months time. The great thing about Joss is that he’s all about character, so you’ve got this incredibly larger than life, very big, playful character who’s pansexual and sex-crazed, and he runs this club. It’s all very big and delicious and gaudy. If it was in the hands of a different director or writer, I’d be a bit more wary. But the great thing about Joss is that you can be assured that he’s all about character, so there will always be a heart and a soul and a subtext underneath the fun and the theatricality. You can really chew on something fun and outlandish, and at the same time, find an inner rootedness and a quality that Joss will never, ever let you deny. Like I said, I’m still working out this madman that is Hugo Swann, but it’s been a joy so far."

Apart from the summary provided by HBO and the morsels of information that we've managed to dredge up over the last two years, not much is known about Joss' Victorian drama. But if knowing that this is a Joss Whedon/HBO production isn't enough to at least intrigue you, then these teased bits of information by the cast certainly should!

You can read the full Collider interviews with Nick Frost here and James Norton's interview here.

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