The Nevers Podcast Crew Answers the Question of "What to Watch?"

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

During these troublesome times a lot of us are turning to media to keep us distracted and, of course, entertained, while being isolated from our friends, family, and partners. With a lot of content to consume, this is what we have been watching!

Taheg (Co-host/Writer):

The Tribe

During lock down I've been watching... The Tribe! Why? Easy. Currently, the world is a mess; a virus is sweeping the globe and we're days away from total anarchy. So, naturally, to take my mind off of the situation, I decided to watch a show about a world where a virus has spent across the globe, killing everyone over the age of 18. As you can imagine, in a world where the "adults" are all 16 to 17, things go a little... feral. But it's fine, this was meant as a kids show, so everyone survives, and most episodes have some kind of moral lesson. These lessons usually revolve around why you should do the washing up. Despite the somewhat grim setting, The Tribe is actually a fairly lighthearted show, and because each of the first four season is 52 episodes, and the 5th is half that, there's plenty to watch and keep you distracted as the show slowly moves from the fiction listings, to documentary. Enjoy!

All 5 seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

Gina (Co-host):

Bojack Horseman

Shows often get over hyped and for me, personally, I don’t watch a lot of television. I’m starting to more and more, but films are more my thing. And then a certain show kept getting thrown my way with extreme accolades: “It’s the best show of the century!” “It’s very Buffy-esque in the sense of, it’s about the trauma of adulthood.” And I rolled my eyes, not believing it. And then I watched the entire show, and have been re watching it during this quarantine, and let me tell you: Bojack Horseman is one of the best things you’ll ever watch. Some don’t want to watch it because it’s animated and some because the main character is a horse. But if you stick with it, it’ll change your life. The female characters are some of the best, most realistic characters I’ve ever seen; the voice acting is unreal; and there’s one of the only asexual main characters in any show! I could go on and on, but just watch this non-spoilery trailer if you don’t believe me.

Matthew (Producer/Web Master/Editor):


I wasn't a fan of Cheers; never saw the appeal. So when word came that the character of Frasier would be getting his own show, I did a hard double take. Frasier?! That goofy psychiatrist character? Nah. That's a fail. Now, I would on occasion catch bits of the series while flipping through the channels, but it never held my attention for very long. Fast-forward a few years to me bedridden and Frasier on the telly. Did I change the channel? I. Did. Not. Too weak to reach for the remote, I stuck it out! And lucky for me because it was on that day that my love for this series was born.

Frasier is great! REALLY great. It's so smart! With equal parts high brow banter and slapstick humour, one would be hard pressed to find any faults with this comedy series. The characters are all likable and their interactions make for a most entertaining viewing experience. Even the warm colour palette makes for a comforting watch. So, I don't know if I've convinced you that Frasier is worth your time, but maybe its 37 Emmy wins (the most for any comedy series) will. With 11 seasons, this series will have you covered well through your quarantine period and should absolutely be at the top of everyone's binge list regardless. Frasier. The doctor is in.

Watch on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Hulu and CBS All Access and for some, Netflix.

Kelly (Co-host/Writer):


I haven't re-watched Angel in a good five years mainly because it just isn't as "fun" as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel is the adult version of Buffy, with less snappy dialogue. It's a bit film noir, supernatural murder mystery and drama. Angel goes to many dark, dreary places, something I didn't fully realize until I restarted it a few weeks ago. It does have its wonderful plucky sidekicks with Doyle, Wesley, Cordy, Gunn and Fred. Oh, and Lorne, of course! Angel also does have it's fair share of comedy - I adore the dynamic between Cordy and Wes! But, Angel is quite bleak at times, so it's a bit more challenging to return to. Even still, it's an incredibly well done show that gets overshadowed by the likes of the aforementioned Buffy, and the space western Firefly. I am loving this revisit to Angel Investigations and I do recommend it to you all!

Bloodsucking Bastards

Released in 2015, this comedy/horror was directed by Brian James O'Connell and stars one of my favorite Whedonverse alumni FRAN KRANZ! It's also an "office horror" where a telemarketing company is taken over, stealthily, by vampires. It's a blood soaked, comedy fest and will have you rooting for these awkward, yet lovable, protagonists. It's light on both the gore and horror, so it's fun for the whole (adult) family. It's currently available on Tubi TV.

Speaking of Tubi TV --- if you want a diverse listing of over 1000 horror titles then look no further! Tubi TV is a FREE streaming service (with some ads) that has a massive selection of movies and TV shows. I have been devouring many film titles from its' list and if you don't have this streaming service, GET IT NOW!


And that ends the recommendations from The Nevers Podcast crew! These binge-worthy titles should keep you distracted from the chaos of the world...for now.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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