Nick Frost Joins The Nevers!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Fresh off our announcement of James Norton joining the cast, we've got another suprise casting for you lucky people!

He deserves it, just for that beard.

Nick Freakin Frost!

Best known for his long running, hilarious partnership with Simon Pegg on shows like Spaced and the legendary Cornetto Trilogy movies. Nick has shown himself to be a fantastic and versatle actor, bringing his signature warmth and dry humour to roles in AMC's Steampunk Monkey remake Into The Badlands and 2019 Wrestling Biopic Fighting with my Family about the rise of WWE Diva Paige.

Nick plays Bajie in 'Into the Badlands'. If you know the legend of Sun Wukong, you'll recognise that name!

I can't even pretend to be unbiased here... I'm a HUGE fan of Frost, and his work, and can't wait to see him in The Nevers. I could not be more excited! Frost has been cast as "The Beggar King" a crime boss that RUNS street crime in The Nevers. A morally grey character such as this isn't a huge stretch for Frost, who played something of a rogue in Into the Badlands... However, it seems like the Beggar King will take that previous roguishness, and dial it up to new, even more brutal levels... which should be fun to see! So, sound off Neverites! Are you excited to see Frost join the Nevers, and what do you think of his role? Let us know, below!

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