New Russian Teaser Trailer Reveals More of The Nevers

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

In a new Russian teaser trailer for The Nevers, we're shown new shots of some of the series regulars and a few unknown characters. Amediateka published the teaser earlier today on their YouTube channel, and oh, is it glorious.

The teaser features shots of some of the other Touched who were missing from the teaser released last month, including Elizabeth Berrington's Lucy Best, and Declan Orrun (Nick Frost). We're also shown additional footage of the masked horse riders, Annie Carbey (Rochelle Neil) showing off her fire-controlling abilities and Anna Devlin's Primrose Chattoway. We also get a look at one of Amalia's weapon of choice.

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I don't think any of us were expecting anything less than a high production value for this series. Still, I continue to be impress by the look of this production. The Nevers looks lux!

In a recent interview on the Compound Interests with Jon Najaria‪n podcast‬, Martyn Ford (Nicolas Perbal) said that the things done in The Nevers has never been done before: "[My character is] the ultimate villain. When this gets released, it's going to blow minds. The stuff that happens in this TV show has never been done before. It's going to shock people with how it's been shot. Even being part of the scene, watching it, I'm like, "How did we do that?!" You can listen to the excerpt in the video below.

The more that I see and hear, the more confident I am that The Nevers will live up to my expectations. I'm excited, Neverites!

The Nevers premieres Sunday, April 11th at 9 PM EST on HBO, and on VOD as well as Amediateka and other international broadcasters on April 12th.

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