A Hitchhikers Guide to Time Travel

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Turns out I’m not quite done with the conversation of who ‘hitched a ride’.

First I’m going to cover why I specifically believe Byner and Greenbone are who they are, and it comes down to production design.


Besides the discussion between Knitter and Stripe about how Byner loves f**k tech and basically lives inside of sims, which is clearly reflected in Hugo’s hedonistic lifestyle, there’s something about his wardrobe choice.

He wears a scarf the whole time they’re in the lab, even though it has heat.

Byner in the Lab. Image courtesy of HBO

I believe this is a personal flourish, an outward expression of the character’s personality. Given the state of the world, it’s likely fashion isn’t much of a consideration anymore.

Hugo (Byner?) ands Auustus at the Opera. Image courtesy of HBO

When we look at Hugo, he definitely has a sense of style. His general dress is of the era, but his waist coats are often colourful and/or ‘loud’.


There’s a little less to go on with this character, so I’m simply looking at matching characteristics, specifically facial hair and hairline.

Major General Joseph Willing Greenbone. Image Courtesy of HBO.

Dr. Edmund Hague (Greenbone?). Image courtesy of HBO.

But the real kicker is the Leatherfaced Henchmen.

Leatherfaced Henchman unmasked. Image courtesy of HBO.

Hague appears to not be touched, but he has knowledge not of the time—his ability to poke around in a brain without imaging technology, to say nothing of keeping these ‘people’ alive while also taking them apart (how are they not dying of infection?)

Production Design

In film and television, the production designer is the individual responsible for the overall aesthetic of the story. The production design gives viewers a sense of the time period, the plot location, and the characters’ actions and feelings.

Wardrobe, make up, and character appearance choices are all part of production design. In a show like The Nevers, this department is on point with all the little details that connect one thing to another. That’s the basis on which I make my analyses—how does a TV show work?

Was I wrong?

Regarding who ‘hitched a ride’ I have no doubt that I’m right about REX being a part of it, but I may have been incorrect about the degree of impact, though its likely REX is directly responsible for the behaviour of the spores.

No, I think this guy might be in the mix.

2nd Boot in the Lab. Image courtesy of HBO.

That tattoo is just too much of a distinguishing feature to dismiss.

Also we never actually saw him die. He hasn’t even hit the floor in the last shot of him. Given that he was shot by Stripe, who’s been shown to be an effective marksman, death is implied but not expressly shown.

Dead or alive...? Image courtesy of HBO.

And on a TV show or movie, if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen…at least when they’re done well.

Who’s who

It’s possible that Boot is the Beggar King. There’s a certain intensity in both of their eyes that make me feel this is the case.

The Beggar King (2nd Boot?) and his crazy eyes. Image courtesy of HBO.

Also The Beggar King makes two appearances in Amalia’s vision in Episode 6.

But The Crescent is the big question mark. His appearances were limited and subtle so I’ve got no idea who he might be…and it’s possible we haven’t even met that person yet.

Time will tell.

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