It's Heaven for the readers as Buffy and Angel descend into Hell, in Hellmouth #2.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hellmouth #2, a Buffy + Angel Crossover Event. Written by Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert, Art by Eleonora Carlini and Letters by Cris Peter. Based on characters by God King Joss Whedon.

After something of a weak start, the first big event of the Boom! BuffyVerse has gone from strength to strength. Delivering two very strong, character based issues, from the formation of Team Spike in Angel #6, to an intriguing and multifaceted look at those left behind, in Buffy #9. Now, however, things get serious. We dive deep into the Hellmouth, to battle with Ancient Vampires, Demons, and a few shadows from our hero's pasts, in Hellmouth #2!

This issue is a HUGE step up from last month. Delivering a much more focused, coherent story, a more defined hook and a MUCH more satisfying ending.

This whole issues takes place inside the Hellmouth. Where our struggling heroes, Buffy and Angel, must fight against seemingly unending hordes of dark creatures. However, far greater dangerous lurk in store for them. As they must face not just physical threats, but also beings capable of delving into their minds, to drag our their worst fears and their darkest sins. And we're talking about Angelus here, so these creatures aren't exactly short on ammo!

I wasn't very nice, about Hellmouth #1, but I think you'll all agree, I was at least fair. While I found the overall package a little lacking, I was happy to point out one thing that it nailed, was the banter between Buffy and Angel. Well, this issue, 90% of the dialogue is banter between Buffy and Angel. And it's glorious. It's funny, sharp, loaded with references, and has just enough spice to make the mutual attraction clear, while not becoming too flirty and uncomfortable.

Then, we have one of the best features from the live action BuffyVerse; the excellent fight scenes. I've said for many years, that Joss' fight choreography was ahead of it's time, and the fights in the Boom! BuffyVerse hold true to that legacy. The art in all of the BuffyVerse so far has been excellent, but in particular the strikes and falls in this issue really feel like they had weight to them... And I don't just mean their emotional weight.

Overall, Hellmouth #2 was a very strong issue, more than making up for last month's slow start, and has once more got me hooked into this event. Can't wait to see what's in store, after that ending!

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