I Guess We Now Know Joss' Length. Episode Count Confirmed.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Recently Oscar Winning make-up artist Christine Blundell sat down for an interview. She spoke on many interesting subjects and had some great things to say...

For a short part of the interview, she spoke about her next big project:


And when we say big project, we're not kidding.

In the clip above (which we've edited down to just the juicy bits!) Christine talks briefly, in as much detail as her NDA will allow, about just how huge The Nevers is going to be.

We knew HBO was throwing a lot at this show, but from what we hear here, they're throwing EVERYTHING at it. We're talking late seasons of Game of Thrones... but with far better writing.

One small fact that she lets slip... We've suspected as much, for a while, but now have semi confirmation: Season 1 of The Nevers is going to be 10 episodes long! We can also assume from past HBO series that those episodes will be 50/60 minutes in length.

I think this is a really strong length for an opening season as it gives AMPLE time to build characters, set up the world, and sketch out a decent first arc.

There's also lots of great details about how intense their filming schedule was:

Christine compares working on each episode to working on a large film. It really feels like HBO is taking all the lessons from filming grand epics like Game of Thrones and WestWorld and putting all of that know-how into The Nevers.

So, assuming the world doesn't end in the next few months, and we get back to filming by the end of the year at the very latest... I think we're in for something legendary, people!

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