First Official Look At The Nevers

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Joss Whedon and HBO have teamed up to bring The Nevers to our screens later next year. The series is Whedon's first original creation in over twelve years.

Fans got their first look at the Victorian drama in a teaser trailer dropped by HBO Max on Thursday, teasing their upcoming slate of original series, movies and returning programmes.

The Nevers spotlights a group of super-powered characters referred to as 'The Touched' who have all experienced a "turn," imbuing them with certain afflictions, abilities or skills. The gang that Amalia has presumably put together find themselves on a mission that could very well change the world. Laura Donnelly stars as Amalia True, the series lead.

The teaser features Donnelly, Anne Skelly (Penance Adair), Rochelle Neil (Annie Carbey/Bonfire) and a few unknown characters.

The few frames showcased in the teaser featured Adair's genius for invention and provided us with a better idea of Amalia's abilities. We now know that True can see, at least glimpses, of future events: "I see things that aren't there, glimpses of the future." We also see Carbey, aka Bonfire, surrounded by flames and embers, possibly of her own doing.

Speaking on conceiving the show, Joss said: "There were a lot of stories that I was dancing around, and enough of them were Victorian. I just love that era, I love that stuff, it's fascinating to me. Particularly, the end of the century, when the world was just about to shift radically. Those are always fascinating things to me. And so I realized at some point that I didn't wanna tell a story about a person, that I wanted to tell a story that was… this is gonna sound like I'm puffing me up, but Dickensian. That was like, where I can talk about society as a whole through a bunch of people's interactions and through their adventures."

Does this HBO Max teaser mean that a proper trailer or a teaser trailer for the The Nevers is just around the corner? Why I believe it does.

I don't know about the rest of you, but these few frames of footage have taken my excitement level and cranked it up several notches. And we haven't even seen the rest of the stellar cast yet!

Look out for my shot-by-shot breakdown of these frames of footage and some theories that I have. I'll also be sharing my favourite shots from the teaser.

The Nevers arrives summer of 2021.

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