Do We Have Our Composer For The Nevers?

The Nevers arrives next month and we still don't know who's been given the scoring duties for the series.

Or do we?

Composer Amie Doherty

Twitter user @xzterx brought to our attention the online CV for composer Amie Doherty, where she's credited as having scored a track for The Nevers titled 'The Mary Song.'

Doherty's scoring credits include the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film Spirit Untamed and Happiest Season for Sony Pictures starring Dan Levy, Kristen Stewart, Alison Brie, & Aubrey Plaza. Doherty was also the composer for season one of Amazon Prime's UNDONE.

Her Nevers credit is listed under miscellaneous and includes just one track. She may have composed only The Nevers theme song, while a composer for the series has yet to be announced. Or 'The Mary Song' may be a song composed for a single episode.

Listening to some of Doherty's previous work, I'm reminded of the whimsical, dream-like music that Rob Simonsen composed for Dollhouse, Joss' 2009 sci-fi series.

The Nevers premieres on April 11th.

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