A Plot Begins To Form And Old Friends Join The Series In Angel #3

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I was... very worried, when they announced they were rebooting the Buffy and Angel comic series. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the Dark House seasons, I know a lot of people loved them, and they were officially considered canon so... I accepted it.

But then, business stuff businessed all over the business and the comics ended up at Boom! I figured, this was a fresh start, a total reboot. Might as well give them a chance, no?

And BOY am I glad I did. I'll go into the Buffy run when the next issue comes out. Today, I'll be talking about Angel #3, by Bryan Edward Hill (Writing) and Gleb Melnikov (Art).

I'm REALLY loving this new take on a beloved character. Keeping enough of the old style around to make the setup instantly recognisable, while bringing in enough 2019, that the series feels interesting and incredibly fresh.

For those that haven't been reading... freakin' START! This run is amazing. A brief catchup however, if needed, would read thus:

Back in the day, Angelus was being something of a naughty boy, to the surprise of no one. He'd been tracking down great heroes, true warriors... then he'd been defeating them, and turning them into vampires. In doing this, he'd assembled something of an army of baddasses. For purposes that remain as yet unknown... Things aren't going much better in present day, either. As a demon has infested Social Media (I told you it was evil...) and is using it to take over the young and the shallow and turn them into his slaves. Once he has control of these pawns, he's using them to commit seemingly unrelated, horrific crimes. But there is a connection. All the crimes, in some way, relate to Angel. As Angel #2 closes out, we see the demon's latest thrall attacking it's target. A young lady, locked up tight in an Asylum. Her name? Winifred Burkle!

Even as a comic, Fred is still adorable.

Want to know what happens next? Read Angel #3!

This was a fantastic issue, both in terms of Action, and plot development. Whedon made the right choice in picking Hill to manage Angel, his writing has the perfect balance of darkness and comedy that is needed, to bring a character with Angel's history to life.

This issue, we're starting to see something of an overall plot emerge. It's no longer a mysterious demon, messing with angel because he's a demon, and that's what they do. Now, we're beginning to see the outlines of it's plan. This, I imagine, it's going to form the basis of Angel's first major arc. And I have to say, if the whole arc is as good as these first few issues have been I think we're in for a real treat. Friends, old and new join the cause, mysterious enemies observe from the wings.

But are these friends and enemies as seperate as we might think? I'm not so sure... and I can't wait to find out!

So, are you enjoying the new Buffy/Angel comics? Any thoughts on that ending? Let us know, in the comments below!

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