Whedonista, horse nut, podcaster, artist.


Heather is a is loud person. She is a fun person. She loves to laugh and talk….Until it comes to herself…


She is a principal contributor and co-host for The Nevers Podcast and a blog contributor for the website. She also co-hosts, writes and produces a podcast called Mares in Black about the model horse hobby.


She is an ally, an activist, a feminist and an old school Riot Grrrl (if you have to ask). She studied film, English and drinking beer at UNCG.


By day, she is a visual communicator for an aerospace company. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her partner Josh and their two cats, Molotov and Samson. Heather is of Scot/Irish heritage and uses she/her pronouns. She is old but STILL LIT.


Other random interests • David Mack’s Kabuki • British History (Tudor, Regency) • Devil movies • Good cheese • Jane Austen • Animal Crossing • Anime and Japanese culture • Alternative music • Long philosophical conversations • Eggs Benedict


Wanna chat? You can reach her on Twitter: @charmuse1 or on Insta: @charmuse